It’s important to understand that during fundraising drives, the number one reason people give when they are asked why they are not supporting a given organization is that they “were not asked.” At PassionArts Teleservices, we believe it’s also a matter of asking the right way, by building rapport with the patrons and engaging them in meaningful dialogue, which often leads to learning more about their specific affinity with the organization.

Furthermore, raising money is not the only goal of telephone solicitation campaigns. Contacts that end without a donation can still prove to be useful. Basing success on donations alone overlooks other possible benefits to an organization, such as raising its public profile and brand awareness. Receiving a call from an organization helps to personalize the charity to its donors. Phone calls keep organizations on the minds of their supporters. These calls provide donors with the latest information on the cause they support. Well-informed donors provide more frequent support.

When properly made, donation calls can be an important source of feedback for an organization as well. Donors use telefundraising contacts as an opportunity to sound off about their feelings about an organization. Organizations can use these valuable insights to refine their efforts.