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“We were continually impressed by the organization and professionalism of Thomas’ team. Their ability to sell and provide detailed metrics and reports on their activity left no doubt in our mind that they were the best at what they do.”

Nancy Oakley
General Manager
Great Canadian Theatre Company (GCTC)

About this client

The Great Canadian Theatre Company (GCTC) was founded by a collaborative group of professors and students at Carleton University in 1975. What began as an entirely volunteer-run organization quickly gained permanence through the help, support and financial backing from key players within the National Capital Region. The GCTC is committed to the production of new Canadian content from both emerging and established playwrights. Its focus on the local arts community has made the GCTC a vital contributor through employment to local residents, economic impact to local businesses, providing a venue for cultural activities, and entertaining an expanding local audience, which includes over 1,000 students from local secondary and postsecondary schools. The GCTC hopes to foster lifelong connections with Ottawa’s arts community through the support, promotion and mentoring of emerging and established theatre and performing arts groups.